Academic Catalog

THEA - Theatre (THEA)

THEA U161  Introduction to Theatre Art  3 Credit Hours  

Understanding and criticism of dramatic literature, history, and production.

THEA U170  Fundamentals in Acting  3 Credit Hours  

The technique of body and voice control, improvisation, interpretation of characters, and characterization applied in scenes.

THEA U260  Theatre Laboratory  1 Credit Hour  

Participation in theatre production, including stage management, direction, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, scenery, and business management. No formal class meetings. May be repeated for a total of four credits.

THEA U261  Rehearsal and Performance  1 Credit Hour  

Participating in acting in a university production. No formal class meetings. May be repeated for a total of four credits. Pass/Fail credit.

THEA U300  Script Analysis  3 Credit Hours  

Methods and techniques of dramatic textual analysis for theatrical interpretation. Extensive reading of play scripts, discussion, formal writing and presentation leads to enhanced skills in the navigation of dramatic literature that is historically and stylistically diverse.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
THEA U301  Dramatic Theory & Criticism  3 Credit Hours  

A philosophical, psychological and social theorist perspective. Analytical writing on topics such as social context and resonance of the drama, dramatic action, playwriting, dramatic illusion and Shakespeare is stressed.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102 or consent of instructor.  
THEA U310  Stage Makeup  3 Credit Hours  

Application of the principles of makeup for the theatre. Current theatre productions will serve as laboratory experiences.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
THEA U339  Musical Theatre Voice  3 Credit Hours  

Study, rehearsal and performance of musical theatre vocal literature with emphasis on musical theatre style, stage movement, vocal techniques, and scene study. Recommended for music majors and theatre majors. Auditions may be required.

THEA U370  Voice for the Actor  3 Credit Hours  

Group study of the voice in performance, using applied breath and resonance techniques aimed at enhancing vocal power for the actor or public speaker. Exercises and text work will be applied to voice techniques, creating a connection between the word image and vocal expression for the actor and public speaker.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201; THEA U170 or consent of instructor.  
THEA U373  Fundamentals of Play Directing  3 Credit Hours  

Text analysis and interpretation. The emphasis is on discovering the intention of the playwright and on blocking, including picturization and composition, culminating in each student's production of a one-act play for public presentation.

Prerequisite(s): THEA U170.  
THEA U374  Intermediate Acting  3 Credit Hours  

Advanced scene and monologue performance including script analysis and character building. Plays of Classical Realists will be performed.

Prerequisite(s): THEA U170.  
THEA U375  Audition Techniques  3 Credit Hours  

Exploration and practice of professional audition decorum, monologue selection, preparation and performance, cold reading technique and practice, headshot and resume development and professional unions. Each student will develop a monologue portfolio that can be performed at a moments notice.

Prerequisite(s): THEA U170.  
THEA U376  Stage Movement for the Actor  3 Credit Hours  

Centering, body alignment and kinetic power influencing the projection of images and ideas. A studio warm-up and work-out developing the skills for the preparation of a variety of performance pieces demonstrating kinetic principles, culminating in a public performance.

THEA U377  Stagecraft  3 Credit Hours  

Drafting, design and interpretation of drawings for structural components of sets, lighting and costumes. Using the current production as a laboratory, students will concentrate on such skills as the basics of set construction, the computerized lighting system and costume construction.

THEA U378  Playwriting  3 Credit Hours  

Script analysis and preparation, dialogue development, character construction and scene composition. Students write full length manuscripts and participate in a public performance of readings from the completed plays.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
THEA U379  Lighting Design  3 Credit Hours  

The design and drafting process of lighting for a stage production. Designing a lighting plot and the role of lighting as a design element will be included; a research project will be assigned.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102; THEA U161 or consent of instructor.  
THEA U380  Scene Design  3 Credit Hours  

Design and drafting processes necessary for theatrical scenic design. Text analysis, research and the design for various play genres will be included, as well as the use of computer assisted drafting.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102; THEA U377 or consent of instructor.  
THEA U381  WYSIWYG Design  3 Credit Hours  

Using CAD, data, design, presentation and live modes in a 3D environment. Creating and editing designs which will allow experimentation with lighting looks and moving scenery through creative layouts, reports, pipe tapes and photo-realized renderings.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
THEA U382  Theatre for Youth  3 Credit Hours  

Creative drama methods for youth. A children's play will be produced and performed.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102; THEA U170 or consent of instructor.  
THEA U384  Technical Directing  3 Credit Hours  

Technical management of all production aspects of performance including the theatrical space, rigging, emerging technology, construction from both manual and electronic drawings and renderings as well as the generation of construction drawings, interpretation and execution of lighting plots, budgeting, crew structure, time management and staff hierarchy and responsibilities. Specific problem solving, OSHA standards and the demands of the professional technical director in commercial, academic and community theatre will be emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102; THEA U170.  
THEA U385  Theatre History I  3 Credit Hours  

History of theatrical production including major dramatic texts, dramatists, and dramatic theory. Included is a survey of stage and auditorium architecture, stage machinery, scenery, costuming, lighting, acting and directing from pre-history through the Italian Renaissance.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
THEA U386  Theatre History II  3 Credit Hours  

History of theatrical production including major dramatic texts, dramatists, and dramatic theory. Included is a survey of stage and auditorium architecture, stage machinery, scenery, costume, lighting, acting and directing, from the Italian Renaissance to the modern era.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
THEA U398  Topics in Theatre  3 Credit Hours  
THEA U399  Internship or Independent Study in Theatre  1-3 Credit Hours  

Supervised professional experience of research outside the classroom. For three internship credit hours, a student is to work 135 hours with an approved agency; for two credit hours, 90 hours; for one credit, 45 hours. For an internship or an independent study, a contract must be signed by the student and by the instructor of record and other designated faculty and administrators. A student may repeat THEA U399 once with a different internship or independent study contract description for a total of no more than six hours of undergraduate credit.

Prerequisite(s): GPA 2.0 overall, 2.5 in major, consent of faculty supervisor and junior standing.  
THEA U400  Scenography  3 Credit Hours  

A holistic approach to theatrical design emphasizing the relationship of each design component to the finished artistic product. Exploration of the effect of the architectural space on design components and the relationship between designers and directors as they manipulate the theatrical environment and the resultant stimulation of perceptions of audiences will be investigated.

Prerequisite(s): THEA U379 and THEA U380.  
THEA U401  Classical Styles in Acting  3 Credit Hours  

Advanced study in the performance techniques and challenges particular to classical theatre. Applied scene work, focusing on the physical, vocal, and textual requirements for the performance of Shakespeare, Moliere, and Greek classical texts, will lead to the public performance of scenes and monologues.

Prerequisite(s): THEA U170 or consent of instructor.  
THEA U402  Alternative Styles in Acting  3 Credit Hours  

Advanced modes of performance and the physiological and vocal challenges particular to acting outside the realm of realism. Exercises will focus on physical approaches to building character through the context of scene work in Absurdist, Commedia, and other non-realist tests.

Prerequisite(s): THEA U170 or consent of instructor.  
THEA U473  Advanced Play Directing  3 Credit Hours  

Choosing text, casting, directing a collaborative team and exercising complete artistic control over all aspects of theatre production. Principles of actor coaching and staging technique culminate in the public presentation of a one act play with at least an hour's running time or a select act from a full-length manuscript.

Prerequisite(s): THEA U373.  
THEA U490  Senior Seminar in Theatre  3 Credit Hours  

Reading, research, and analysis on approved topics in theatre in preparation for major performance or production design projects. Products of the research might include preparation of a major acting role or the direction or design of a significant production, including the documentation and articulation of the artistic process.

Prerequisite(s): Senior standing.