Academic Catalog

American Studies Minor

Required Courses 1,2,3
3-6 Credit hours 3-6
American Studies, 17th - 19th Century 1
American Studies, 20th Century
Any AMST Course numbered 300-level or above 23-9
Additional Coursework
No more than 6 hours from a single group. Only one course from the student's major, and the course cannot be counted for both major and minor credit.3-12
Group A: History
Early North America
History of the Revolutionary Era. (1763-1789)
History of the Early American Republic (1789-1820)
The Age of Jackson (1820-1848)
Age of Sectionalism (1848-1877)
The Rise of Modern United States (1877-1917)
The United States and the World at War, 1914-1945
African-American History to 1865
African-American History since 1860
American Military History
The Vietnam War
The South to 1865
The South since 1865
History of South Carolina, 1670 to the Present
Our Past: Upstate History
Latin America to 1830
Latin America since 1810
Group B: Literature
Native American Literature
African American Literature
American Literature, Beginnings to 1830
American Literature, 1830-1865
American Literature, 1865-1910
American Modernism
Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
American Postmodernism
Southern Literature
Theory of Literary Criticism
Group C: Fine Arts, Journalism and Languages
Southern Folk Art
Journalism's Role in History
Laws and Ethics of the Mass Media
Dramatic Theory & Criticism
Group D: Social and Other Sciences
Understanding Other Cultures
Geography of Population, Settlement and Migration
Geography of North America
Geology of the Southeast
Criminal Law
Money and Banking
Introduction to Political Theory
United States Foreign Policy
Political Behavior
Southern Politics
State & Local Government
Introduction to Public Policy
American Political Thought
Constitutional Law
The American President
The Nonprofit Sector in the United States
Sociological Theory
Individual and Society
Social Problems
Sociology of Aging
Animals and Society
Urban Sociology
Social Movements
Population Dynamics
Social Demography
Social Change
Social Inequality
Race and Ethnic Relations
Fat Studies
Gender and Society
Sociology of Families
Political Sociology
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Organizations and Work
Social Deviance
Sociology of Crime
Juvenile Delinquency
Sociology of Mental Health and Mental Illness
Feminist Theory & Methods
U.S. Women's Movement
Total Hours18

Students may take both AMST U101 American Studies, 17th - 19th Century and AMST U102 American Studies, 20th Century if all other coursework is at the 300-level or above.


AMST U398 Topics in American Studies may be used more than once with a change of topic


A minimum grade of C is required in all courses. A minimum of 12 hours of upper-level coursework is required.