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Professional Development Course Descriptions

Professional Development Courses

EDIT U610  Professional Development: Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical bases and techniques for teaching reading and writing in the elementary school, using multiple subject areas.

EDIT U611  Professional Development: Concepts and Practices of Whole Language  3 Credit Hours  

Development of concepts, materials, and practices to implement a whole language philosophy.

Prerequisite(s): An introductory course in reading or consent of instructor.  
EDIT U612  Professional Development: Storytelling in the Classroom  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical and practical applications of applying stories and storytelling to 4K-12 school curriculum.

EDIT U614  Professional Development: Storytelling and Creative Writing  3 Credit Hours  

Integrate proven exercises and techniques into the process of story conceptualization, creation, and revision as a basis for teaching creative writing in the K-12 classroom.

EDIT U633  Using Innovation Technology to Support Instruction II  3 Credit Hours  

Advanced in-depth development of skills using current and emerging technologies.

EDIT U634  Integrating Multi-Media Technology in K-12 Classroom  3 Credit Hours  

Utilization of technology in the classroom. Instructional design, long/short-range planning are explored.

EDIT U651  Professional Development: Selected Topics in Teaching Science  3 Credit Hours  

Primarily for elementary, secondary and middle school teachers. Teachers at other levels may be accepted.

EDIT U655  Professional Development: Teaching Environmental Education  3 Credit Hours  

Rationale and strategies for teaching environmental education

EDIT U660  Professional Development: Issues in Writing Instruction (K-12)  6 Credit Hours  

Issues in the teaching of writing, with emphasis on classroom applications K-12 and program development.

EDIT U670  Professional Development: Career Technologies  3 Credit Hours  

Development of understanding School-to-Work issues and developing curriculum that connects schools with the workplace. Strategies for using technological resources as diagnostic tolls in the career development process are included.

EDIT U672  Professional Development: Educators in Industry  3 Credit Hours  

Provides educators opportunities to understand the changing world of work and the current technology of the workplace. Course includes on-site opportunities in today's worksite.

EDIT U680  Professional Development: Topics in Education  3 Credit Hours  

Exploration of a current topic in education with emphasis on classroom application.

EDIT U690  Professional Development: Issues and Trends in Education  1-6 Credit Hours  

Exploration of a current topic in education with emphasis on classroom application.

EDPD U632  Professional Development: Field Problems in Education I  3 Credit Hours  

Selected educational problems will be identified and explored and probable solutions developed. Emphasis will be on providing practicing school personnel an opportunity to work cooperatively, under supervision, toward solutions to problems that are of immediate concern to them. Activities will include seminars, review of literature, observations, case studies, materials development and other applicable approaches. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a comprehensive proposal designed to alleviate or solve problems identified.