Academic Catalog

Popular Music Studies, Minor

Required Courses 1
One course may be selected from the following general education courses: 23
Introduction to Music
History of American Popular Music
Intro to Music Technology
MUSC U115Commercial Music Theory and Aural Skills I 33
Select three to six credits of performance courses:3-6
Applied Music For Non-Majors (0-4) 3
Jazz Combo
Gospel Music Workshop
Upstate Vocal Ensemble
Commercial Music Combo (2-4)
Select six to nine credits of the following: 56-9
Recital Attendance (1)
Writing About Music (1-2)
Music History Remixed
Music Business
Music Technology
Music Entrepreneurship
Selected Topics in Music
Total Hours18

Minimum grade of C is required for all coursework.


Up to 3 hours of general education courses may be used to satisfy requirements of the minor.


Prerequisites for MUSC U115 Commercial Music Theory and Aural Skills I include successful completion of the Music Theory and Aural Skills placement exam or MUSC U101 Fundamentals of Music Theory.


MUSC U111 may be substituted for MUSC U312 Applied Music For Non-Majors with permission of instructor.


MUSC U100 Recital Attendance is the prerequisite for MUSC U300 Writing About Music, MUSC U110 Introduction to Music for MUSC U303 Music History Remixed, MUSC U162 Intro to Music Technology for MUSC U362 Music Technology, and MUSC U115 Commercial Music Theory and Aural Skills I for MUSC U365 Songwriting