Academic Catalog

Health Communication Minor

Required Courses 1,2,3
Core Courses for the Minor
JOUR U349Health Messaging and the Media3
SOCY U101Introduction to Sociology3
or CHME U210 Introduction to Health Policy: Systems of Care
Communication Emphasis
Select two of the following:6
Internship or Independent Study in Communication 4
Writing for the Media
Mass Communication Theory
Fundamentals of Public Relations
Illness, Culture and the Media
Special Topics in Journalism 5
Theories and Principles of Human Communication
Small Group Communication
Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication
Health Narrative
Topics in Speech Communication 5
Organizational Communication
Applied Topics Regarding Health, Culture, and Society
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Child Maltreatment
Foundations of Community Health
Research and Ethics in Community Health
Principles of Health Education and Promotion
Mental Health and Illness in Community Health
Human Sexuality, Reproduction, and Health
Chronic & Communicable Disease
Environmental Health
Community Health Improvement and Assessment
Alcohol, Drugs & Public Policy
Lifelong Health & Wellness
Accessibility and Professional Writing
Disability and Rhetoric
Disability and Literature
Understanding Healthcare Organizations
Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration
Introduction to Public Policy
Fat Studies
Sociology of Mental Health and Mental Illness
Medical Sociology
Sociology of Death and Dying
Feminist Disability Studies
Total Hours18

Up to 6 hours of General Education (<300 level) may be used to satisfy requirements of the minor.


A minimum of 12 hours of upper division coursework is required.


You may also specify acceptable substitutions.


Must be conducted in a health communications setting.


Approval required from the Health Communication Coordinator for Special Topics courses.