Academic Catalog

Women's and Gender Studies Certificate

A certificate in Women's and Gender Studies improves career-readiness for majors across the disciplines as a marker of cultural sensitivity regarding social inequalities related to gender and its intersectional relationship to race, sexuality, age, disability, religion, nationality, and other categories of social inequality.

Required Courses 1
Select at least one upper level WGST course from the following:3
Feminist Theory & Methods
Girls' Studies
U.S. Women's Movement
LGBTQ Studies
Feminist Disability Studies
Gender, Disability, and Eugenics: US and Germany, 1900-1945
Mad Feminism
Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
Independent Study
Select three additional courses from WGST courses above or from the following approved electives in other disciplines:9
Women and Gender in Art
Sexual Misconduct
Women and Crime
Rhetoric of Reproduction
Women and Political Rhetoric
Gay and Lesbian Literature
Women Writers
Unruly Women in 20th Century U.S.
Women in the United States Since 1865
Women and Gender in Modern China
Topics in Women's History
Women in Media
Psychology of Women
Religion and Gender
Fat Studies
Gender and Society
Communication and Gender
Total Hours12

Minimum grade of C is required for all coursework.