Academic Catalog

Southern Studies Minor

Courses Required for the Minor 1,2,3
Required Courses
SOST U201Introduction to Southern Studies3
HIST U321The South since 18653
ENGL U447Southern Literature3
HIST U310African-American History to 18653
Group A
Select 6 hours from the following list, with at least two disciplines represented: 46
Age of Sectionalism (1848-1877)
The South to 1865
History of South Carolina, 1670 to the Present
Our Past: Upstate History
Southern Politics
Urban Planning & Policy
The Upstate
Geology of the Southeast
Group B
Select one of the following:3
Independent Study 5,6
Internship in Southern Studies 7
Total Hours21

Up to 6 hours of General Education (<300 level) may be used to satisfy requirements of the minor


Minimum grade of C is required for all coursework.


A minimum of 12 hours of upper division coursework is required.


Substitutions will be allowed as appropriate with the consent of the chair of HPPA. 


Prerequisite: SOST U201 Introduction to Southern Studies and consent of instructor


May be repeated when topics vary. 


Prerequisites: SOST U201 Introduction to Southern Studies, junior or senior standing, and consent of instructor.