Academic Catalog

Biology, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

General Education Courses
I. Communication
Select two of the following:6
Composition I
Composition II
SPCH U201Foundations in Oral Communication3
II. Mathematics, Logic & Natural Sciences
MATH U126Precalculus I3
MATH U127Precalculus II 13
Natural Sci. (w/ lab):
General Chemistry
and General Chemistry Lab
General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis
and General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis Lab.
III. Information Technology
Information Technology:
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Computer Technology
Introduction to Computer Science
Survey of Information Technology
Strategies for Information Discovery
IV. Fine Arts, Humanities & History
Fine Arts:
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Art
History of Western Art: Prehistory - Middle Ages
History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern
Introduction to Music
History of American Popular Music
Introduction to Theatre Art
Fundamentals in Acting
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to World History I
Introduction to World History II
History of the United States to 1877
History of the United States from 1865
V. Foreign Language & Culture
Foreign Language:
Select one of the following: 23
American Sign Language I
Introductory French I
Introductory German I
Introductory Spanish I
VI. Social & Behavioral Sciences
Social & Behavioral Science:
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to African American Studies
Understanding Other Cultures
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Introduction to Geography
American National Government
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
VII. General Education Electives
General Education Electives:
Select any approved general education course or courses6
Major Requirements 3,4,5,6
BIOL U101Introductory Biology I4
BIOL U102Introductory Biology II4
BIOL U201Science Career Catalyst1
BIOL U301Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology4
BIOL U302Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIOL U350Genetics4
Select one of the following:4
Field Ornithology
Invertebrate Zoology
Human and Comparative Anatomy
General Botany
Human and Comparative Physiology
Plant Taxonomy
Animal Behavior
Principles of Ecology
Select four Biology courses at the 300/500 level 715-16
BIOL U599Senior Seminar3
Supporting Courses 8
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
or CHEM U371
Environmental Chemistry
and Environmental Chemistry Lab
MATH U102Elementary Statistics3
or PSYC U225 Psychological Statistics
Minor or Upper-Level Electives
Biology majors must either complete a minor or 12 upper-level elective hours12-24
Minor 3,9
Select 0 or 18-24 credits
Upper-Level Electives 3,10
Select 0 or 12 credits
Select 3-18 credits3-18
Total Hours 120-122

The successful completion of MATH U127 Precalculus II with a minimum grade of C fulfills the Group II Mathematics requirement. The additional three hours are made up as electives.


The minimum acceptable level of competency is completion of the 101 level of a language. Students who place into the 102 or higher level of a language satisfy the language requirement but will have additional hours in general education electives, if hours are required by their degree program.


A minimum grade of C is required.


A biology course used to meet biology major requirements may not be taken more than twice. Attempts include receiving a "W," "WF," and "Audit." Appeals to this policy may be made to the Chair of Natural Sciences.


To receive a biology degree, students must complete at least 15 hours of major course credit at USC Upstate.


A minimum of two 500-level courses (excluding U599) must be completed. A total of 12 courses in the major are required.


At least three of the four courses must have an associated lab. For the Biology Bachelor of Arts degree, CHEM U332 Organic Chemistry II and CHEM U332L Organic Chemistry Laboratory II may be substituted for a 300-level biology lecture and laboratory course, respectively.


For the Biology Bachelor of Arts degree, only Statistics (MATH U102 Elementary Statistics or PSYC U225 Psychological Statistics) is required as supporting course.


Up to 6 hours (8 hours if lab courses) of general education (less than 300-level) may be used to satisfy requirements of a minor.


Students who do not complete a minor must complete at least 12 upper-level credits beyond major requirements and supporting courses. Courses must be at 300-level or higher or be included on the list of courses that count for cognate credit. PHYS U201 General Physics I and PHYS U202 General Physics II are recommended.