Academic Catalog

Organizational Communication, Minor

Required Courses 1,2,3,4
Core Courses for the Minor
SPCH U201Foundations in Oral Communication3
SPCH U348Introduction to Organizational Communication3
SPCH U448Organizational Communication3
Organizational Emphasis
Select three of the following:9
Ethics in Human Communication
Small Group Communication
Advanced Public Speaking
Environmental Communication
Communication and Gender
Intercultural Communication
Communicating Difference in Social Institutions
Communicating for Social Change
Applied Topics Regarding Organizational Communication
Select one of the following:3
Business Writing
Topics in Professional Writing 5
Intermediate French I 5
Business French 5
Intermediate German I 5
German for Global Professions 5
Fundamentals of Public Relations 5
Health Messaging and the Media 5
Public Relations Campaigns 5
Principles of Organizational Management 5
Management of Human Resources 5
Advanced Organizational Behavior 5
The International Business Enterprise 5
The Nonprofit Sector in the United States 5
Nonprofit Leadership
Fund Raising for Nonprofit Organizations 5
Intermediate Spanish 5
Spanish for the Professions 5
Total Hours21

Up to 6 hours of General Education (<300 level) may be used to satisfy requirements of the minor).


Minimum grade of C is required for all coursework.


A minimum of 12 hours of upper division coursework is required.


You may specify acceptable substitutions.


Prerequisite required; consult catalog

Total Hours Required must be a minimum of 18.