Academic Catalog

Professional Nursing Curriculum RN-BSN Track, Bachelor of Science

USC Upstate offers the RN to BSN track in collaboration with Palmetto College. The registered nurse track (RN/BSN) is designed for graduates of associate degree and diploma programs in nursing. It is comprised of courses in nursing, sciences and liberal arts. Registered nurses, who have completed successfully the elective, general education, and supporting courses, and who have met the admission requirements, may complete the program in one calendar year of study as outlined in the course sequence. Courses are offered at the University Center of Greenville and via the Internet.  Didactic classes at UCG will be held one day per week, while Internet courses are offered in the asynchronous mode. Students desiring part-time study will require a longer period of time to complete the program.

All policies related to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing four-year track program apply to the registered nurse track unless specifically identified as four-year track policies.

Distance Learning

The mission of the College is to provide excellence in teaching and as such is dedicated to providing unique opportunities and creative flexible programs for students, faculty and the community.  Distance learning and the use of other new educational technologies are part of the future in the continuing mission.  The College offers the RN to BSN track in two modalities: traditional classroom and web.  For further information and class offerings, please contact the College of Nursing Office at the Greenville campus, 864-552-4248.

Academic Residency

RN-BSN track students are required to meet the USC Upstate academic residency requirement. The last 25% (32 semester hours) of the curriculum must be courses offered through USC Upstate.

Bachelor of Science in Professional Nursing Curriculum RN-BSN Track

General Education Courses
I. Communication
ENGL U101Composition I3
ENGL U102Composition II3
SPCH U201Foundations in Oral Communication3
II. Mathematics, Logic & Natural Sciences
Select one of the following:3
College Mathematics
College Algebra 1
Precalculus I
Precalculus II
Calculus I
Natural Science (w/ lab): 2
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
Chemistry of Living Things
and Chemistry of Living Things Lab
General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis
and General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis Lab
Math, Logic and/or Natural Science:
Select one of the following:3
Elementary Statistics
Psychological Statistics
Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
III. Information Technology
Information Technology:
Select one of the following: 3
Introduction to Computer Technology
Survey of Information Technology
IV. Fine Arts, Humanities & History
Fine Arts:
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Art
History of Western Art: Prehistory - Middle Ages
History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern
Introduction to Music
History of American Popular Music
Introduction to Theatre Art
Fundamentals in Acting
Select one of the following:3
History of the United States to 1877
History of the United States from 1865
V. Foreign Language & Culture
Foreign Language:
Select one of the following: 33
American Sign Language I
Introductory French I
Introductory German I
Introductory Spanish I
VI. Social & Behavioral Sciences
Social & Behavioral Science:
PSYC U101Introduction to Psychology3
VII. General Education Electives
General Ed. Electives:
Select any approved general education course or courses6
Major Requirements 2
NURS U311Health Assessment for RN-BSN Students3
NURS U350Professional Nursing Role Transition3
NURS U420Current Topics in Nursing 46
NURS U427Digital and Information Literacy for Nurses3
NURS U426Evidence-Based Practice for RN-BSN Students3
NURS U428Quality and Patient Safety3
NURS U431Leadership in Nursing Practice for RN-BSN Students3
NURS U462Community and Public Health Nursing for RN-BSN Students6
NURS U462PCommunity and Public Health Nursing Practicum for RN-BSN Students0
or NURS U471P International Community and Public Health Nursing Practicum
NURS U498Professional Nursing Issues for RN-BSN Students (Senior Seminar)2
Supporting Courses 2
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
Principles of Microbiology
and Principles of Microbiology Lab
PSYC U302Developmental Psychology3
Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement credit for RN-BSN track students who meet the advanced placement requirement33
Electives 26
Current Topics in Nursing 4
Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations for Nursing 5
Total Hours126

MATH U121 College Algebra or higher is the required prerequisite for PSYC U225 Psychological Statistics


All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C or better


The minimum acceptable level of competency is completion of the 101 level of a language. If the foreign language U101 course is required, it may be counted as an elective. If the student places at the 102 level or higher, the foreign language/culture competency has been fulfilled and the student will not be required to take an additional foreign language course or elective and can complete the BSN program with 123 credit hours.


RN-BSN students must complete NURS U420 Current Topics in Nursing twice with different subject matter.


RN to MSN students may substitute NURS U700 Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations for Nursing and/or NURS U701 Health Promotion and Advanced Health Assessment for NURS U420 Current Topics in Nursing with instructor approval and senior privilege.