Academic Catalog

FINA - Finance (FINA)

FINA U363  Business Finance  3 Credit Hours  

Basic concepts of finance related to decision-making. Topics include financial statement analysis, time value of money, capital structure, debt financing, equity financing, cost of capital, short term financial planning and working capital management.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned; ACCT U225; and either ECON U291 or MATH U102.  
FINA U364  Financial Institutions and Markets  3 Credit Hours  

Financial institutions, various debt, equity, foreign exchange and derivative markets and instruments. Topics include security valuation, measures of risk, financial market innovation; the structure and role of commercial banks and other financial institutions including types of risk financial institutions bear; and utilization of financial markets, institutions, and instruments to manage risk.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned and FINA U363.  
FINA U365  Principles of Investments  3 Credit Hours  

An overview of traditional securities including stocks, bonds, alternative investments, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. The basic conceptual framework for formulating investment policies and constructing portfolios utilizing statistical measures including variance, standard deviation, and the Sharpe ratio is emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned and FINA U363.  
FINA U366  Analysis of Financial Statements and Information  3 Credit Hours  

Understanding the financial structure and performance of organizations. The goal is for students to acquire financial knowledge and analytical tools that result in improved risk assessments, valuation, forecasting, planning, and decision making abilities.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned; and FINA U363 or MGMT U380.  
FINA U367  Real Estate Finance and Investments  3 Credit Hours  

Real Estate legal concepts, mortgages, residential property valuation and financing, commercial property leases, appraisals, financing and tax considerations, project development, real estate investment trusts, and career opportunities.

Prerequisite(s): 54 hours earned and FINA U363.  
FINA U368  Revenue Generation and Finance in Sport Business  3 Credit Hours  

Examination of historical and current practice in revenue generation and financing of sport organizations, including public and private sources of revenue.

Prerequisite(s): BADM U380.  
FINA U455  Topics in Finance  3 Credit Hours  

Contemporary areas of finance. May be repeated with permission of advisor.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned and FINA U363.  
FINA U461  International Business Finance  3 Credit Hours  

Financial management of a multinational business enterprise. Topics include subsidiary working capital management, financial analysis of overseas ventures, sources of international capital, funds remittance policies, trade finance, exchange risk management policies, and techniques of financial control.

Prerequisite(s): FINA U363.