Academic Catalog

SPCH - Speech (SPCH)

SPCH U201  Foundations in Oral Communication  3 Credit Hours  

The theory, structure, practice, and performance of communication principles through traditional and mediated channels across a variety of professional contexts. Topics include communication models and processes, public speaking, and professional communication.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U101 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U201H  Public Speaking Honors  3 Credit Hours  

An in-depth consideration of theories and principles of speech construction, analysis and delivery. The writings of classical and contemporary philosophers, theorists and rhetoricians are considered. Intensive reading, writing, research, delivery and a service component are included.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102; admission to honors program as a second year student; or consent of director of honors program.  
SPCH U210  Interpersonal Communication  3 Credit Hours  

The communication process as a form of practical action between individuals. The classroom functions as an interpersonal laboratory to study and practice interpersonal skills through discussions, exercises, and projects.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U101.  
SPCH U301  Theories and Principles of Human Communication  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical perspectives, principles and models that inform contemporary Communication Studies. Course assignments and materials provide functional, interpretive, critical and practical understanding of communication research (e.g., interpersonal, organizational and/or intercultural contexts). Emphasis is placed on the application of theories and course concepts to a variety of issues and problems in local, national and global contexts.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U303  Ethics in Human Communication  3 Credit Hours  

Investigation of ethical principles informing everyday communication practice in relational, organizational, mediated, and cultural contexts. A case study approach to the building and nurturing of more ethical relationships, organizations, communities, and media practices is emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201.  
SPCH U309  Small Group Communication  3 Credit Hours  

The application of small group communication theory and techniques to personal, academic and professional group experiences. Particular emphasis is placed on improving communication skills in group contexts, understanding group roles, managing group conflict, applying theories of leadership/membership, and learning various decision-making and problem-solving models.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U311  Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication  3 Credit Hours  

Dysfunctional and destructive communication including predictors, behaviors, and outcomes. Topics include bullying, deception, abuse, revenge, and secrets. The classroom functions as an interpersonal laboratory to study and practice communication skills necessary to overcome challenging interpersonal interactions across a variety of contexts through discussion, exercises, and projects.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 and SPCH U210; or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U312  Rhetorical Theory & Criticism  3 Credit Hours  

Historical development of rhetorical studies in communication, from classical Western antiquity to the present. Emphasis is placed on the conceptualizations of rhetoric in different historical contexts and introduction to a selection of contemporary approaches (critical methods); fundamentals of argumentation; the principle elements of rhetorical style; and surveying several established methods and procedures of rhetorical criticism.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201.  
SPCH U313  Performance Studies  3 Credit Hours  

Examine a broad range of performances on and off the stage, live and recorded, including performance art, storytelling, celebrations, political speeches, concerts, protests, street happenings and everyday encounters. Observation and participation in various modes of performances and sites based on readings of key texts. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between theory and practice through (auto)ethnographic writing and performance.

SPCH U330  Interviewing  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical principles, techniques, ethical issues, and practical skills necessary for successful performance in professional and academic interviewing contexts. Interviewing contexts include employment searches and selection, information gathering, performance appraisals, counseling, health-care, and research.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U333  Advanced Public Speaking  3 Credit Hours  

The principles and theories of speech composition. Areas of focus include rhetorical theory, strategic organization, evidence, reasoning and delivery.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U340  Voice and Diction  3 Credit Hours  

The analysis, evaluation, and improvement of speech based on the anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, voice production, and articulation.

SPCH U347  Environmental Communication  3 Credit Hours  

Introduction to environmental communication, focusing on the environmental justice movement. Constructions of the environment in popular culture, everyday communication, government, and social movement discourse will be emphasized. Includes a service-learning project where students will apply environmental communication theory to influence sustainable action.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U348  Introduction to Organizational Communication  3 Credit Hours  

Key concepts, theoretical perspectives, research, and practical applications and strategies in organizations, organizing, and communication. The historical development of key paradigms that shape the study of organization and organizing are examined.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201.  
SPCH U350  Communication and Gender  3 Credit Hours  

The role of communication in the constitution, maintenance, and disruption of gender norms in everyday life. Emphasis is placed on how communication is gendered and gender is communicated, in relational, institutional, and mediated contexts.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U360  Visual Rhetoric  3 Credit Hours  

Understanding the relationship between words and images in strategic communication, media, and photojournalism. Course combines studies of images from art and argumentation. Assignments require theoretical applications and analysis in the context of contemporary culture and politics.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U379  Health Narrative  3 Credit Hours  

Narrative's relation to illness and health and how stories are told by people who have long-term or chronic illness, by professional healthcare providers, and by nonprofessional caretakers. Topics include health narrative field collection methods and the relationship between agency and narrative among patients, providers, caregivers, and society at large. Service learning opportunities focus on collecting stories told about health and illness in professional health settings to better understand how people experience illness as patients and caregivers.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U380  Intercultural Communication  3 Credit Hours  

An introduction to research, theory, and practice of difference-based communication. Emphasis is placed on explicit and implicit communication processes between and among people of different national, racial, ethnic, gender, class and sexual identities in domestic and global contexts.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201.  
SPCH U398  Topics in Speech Communication  3 Credit Hours  

A specific area of speech is explored. Individual topics are announced.

SPCH U430  Communicating Difference in Social Institutions  3 Credit Hours  

Research and Theoretical Perspectives that shape studies of difference (race, class, gender, sexuality, etc.) in social institutions. US historical and contemporary relationships are analyzed in the context of human communication, identity, power and social institutions.

Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.  
SPCH U440  Argumentation and Debate  3 Credit Hours  

Fundamental principles, skills and ethics of argument. In-class debates required.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 or consent of instructor.  
SPCH U448  Organizational Communication  3 Credit Hours  

Theories, research and practical implications of communication in organizations and organizing contexts. The relationships among power, identity and organization in local and global contexts are emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 and SPCH U348.  
SPCH U450  Communicating for Social Change  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical and practical approaches to understanding communicative and relational practices in social movement organizing. Emphasizes the construction of persuasive messages and responsible advocacy for social change in traditional and digital communication contexts.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201.