Academic Catalog

SOCY - Sociology (SOCY)

SOCY U101  Introduction to Sociology  3 Credit Hours  

Introduction to the major theoretical and methodological perspectives used to explain, investigate and analyze social life.

SOCY U201  Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences  3 Credit Hours  

Fundamental principles of descriptive and inferential statistics as used in the social sciences, including measures of central tendency and variation, the normal approximation, probability, chance variability, estimation, hypothesis testing, and correlation.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U301  Sociological Theory  3 Credit Hours  

Roots and historical development of various sociological lenses as tools for examining the social world.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U302  Sociological Research Methods  3 Credit Hours  

Quantitative, qualitative and comparative methods used in social science research, focusing on research design, data collection and analysis, and ethical issues.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
Pre/Corequisite(s): SOCY U301 or consent of instructor.  
SOCY U310  Individual and Society  3 Credit Hours  

Selected theoretical orientations, methodological procedures, and research findings pertaining to the relations between the individual and society.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U311  Social Problems  3 Credit Hours  

Content selected for contemporary importance and sociological relevance.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U320  Sociology of Aging  3 Credit Hours  

Processes of aging as a form of socialization and demographic reality, including institutional effects. The status of the elderly and the sources of prejudice and discrimination they experience are emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U321  Animals and Society  3 Credit Hours  

Sociological perspectives on human-animal interaction and the role of animals in society.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U322  Community Development  3 Credit Hours  

Processes and issues associated with social change and institutional transformation at the local and regional levels. Applies social scientific theory and methods to understand varying patterns of change, the role of economic, cultural, and technological factors, and how stakeholders address challenges related to poverty, crime, housing, and disparities in health, politics, and the environment.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U323  Urban Sociology  3 Credit Hours  

Characteristics, causes, and impacts of city life. Different types of urban areas and current issues are examined from comparative, historical, and global perspectives.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U325  Social Movements  3 Credit Hours  

Characteristics, causes, and impacts of social and political movements in the modern world. Different types of movements, including the American civil rights movement, are examined from comparative, historical, and global perspectives.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U327  Population Dynamics  3 Credit Hours  

Issues in measurement of the distribution and development of human population. Applies the analytical methods used in accounting for the effects of births, deaths and migrations.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U328  Social Demography  3 Credit Hours  

Selected theoretical orientations, methodological procedures and historical perspectives related to the social analysis and context of demographic change.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U329  Social Change  3 Credit Hours  

Applies sociological lenses to current major social, cultural, economic, political, and global transformations, emphasizing their interrelationships.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U330  Social Inequality  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical perspectives and research on the unequal distribution of wealth, power, and prestige in social life on a global, national, and local scale. Attention is given to the impact of globalization on social stratification.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U333  Race and Ethnic Relations  3 Credit Hours  

Examines the basic concepts of race and ethnicity, relevant sociological theories, and their application to critical issues.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U335  Fat Studies  3 Credit Hours  

An interdisciplinary analysis of social attitudes toward fatness and fat people. Size is presented as a status marker, social identity, form of inequality, and site of feminist activism.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U337  Gender and Society  3 Credit Hours  

A sociological investigation of gender as a fundamental principle of social life. The interdependence of gender constructions and of societies' inequality structures across social institutions is explored.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U339  Women and Armed Conflict  3 Credit Hours  

Women's lives in the context of armed conflict examined from comparative, historical and global perspectives.

SOCY U341  Sociology of Families  3 Credit Hours  

Methods and theories used in the examination of intimate human relationships, including parenting, violence and abuse, and divorce and remarriage. Emphasizes the social factors that bring about change in family-related behaviors and create diversity in family forms.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U343  Political Sociology  3 Credit Hours  

The societal conditions affecting political ideas, institutions, and practices. The role of politics in society is examined from comparative, historical, and global perspectives.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U345  Sociology of Religion  3 Credit Hours  

The societal conditions affecting religious beliefs, institutions, and practices. The role of religion in society is examined from comparative, historical, and global perspectives.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U347  Sociology of Organizations and Work  3 Credit Hours  

Sociological investigation of how post-industrial society and globalization impact the workplace, jobs, workers, gender, families and communities. The role of leadership in organizations is also examined.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U349  Displaced Persons  3 Credit Hours  

Characteristics and causes of displacement and their impacts on people's lives. Different types of displacement, with emphasis on traumatic events, are examined from comparative, historical, and global perspectives.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U351  Social Deviance  3 Credit Hours  

Theories, methods and substantive issues in the creation, involvement, recognition and control of deviance. Sociological theories and pertinent research data are integrated in the context of contemporary societal issues.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U353  Sociology of Crime  3 Credit Hours  

Social factors in the development, identification, and treatment of crime and criminals.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U355  Juvenile Delinquency  3 Credit Hours  

Social factors in the development, identification and treatment of delinquents and juvenile delinquency in the context of juvenile justice systems.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U357  Sociology of Mental Health and Mental Illness  3 Credit Hours  

Social factors in the development, identification, and treatment of mental illness.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U359  Globalization and Crime  3 Credit Hours  

Global crime focusing on the relationship between globalization, crime, and justice which involves a diverse range of activities affecting the political, economic, and social development of countries around the world. Topics will focus on the proliferation of crime emphasizing migration, international policing, drug/human trafficking, international terrorism, environmental crime, cybercrime, and economic exploitation.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or SOCY U101.  
SOCY U361  Medical Sociology  3 Credit Hours  

The social organization of medicine including patterns of morbidity and mortality, the social and cultural factors influencing disease, and the organization of the health care system in the United States.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U363  Sociology of Death and Dying  3 Credit Hours  

A sociological and cross-cultural perspective on dying, death, and bereavement in contemporary society.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U391  Special Topics  3 Credit Hours  

Emerging issues in contemporary sociology. Selected topics organized around faculty and student areas of special interest. This course can be taken more than once if the topic is different.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U395  Internship  3 Credit Hours  

Supervised work experience in a community agency based on an individualized, contracted program planned in conjunction with the relevant sociology faculty member. Ten hours per week in the field placement, at least three class meetings, and a formal, written sociological analysis of the field experience are required. The course may be taken more than once, but may be applied toward major credit in sociology only once.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
Typically Offered: Upstate Spring Offering  
SOCY U399  Independent Study  1-6 Credit Hours  

An individualized, contracted program of study planned in conjunction with a sociology faculty member.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101.  
SOCY U499  Senior Seminar  3 Credit Hours  

A capstone course designed around topics selected by faculty. Emphasis is on research with written and oral presentations.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101, SOCY U201, SOCY U301, and SOCY U302; and a grade of C or better in 15 additional hours of upper level sociology.