Academic Catalog

PLAW - Pre-Law (PLAW)

PLAW U101  Introduction to Pre-Law  1 Credit Hour  

The basics of law, preparing for the LSAT, the realities of law school, and life as a lawyer. Pass/Fail credit.

PLAW U301  Mock Trial Practicum I  3 Credit Hours  

A practice-driven, collaborative approach to learning the rules, methods, and strategies of mock trial. A fictional fact pattern is analyzed, evaluated, and transformed into a working court case, with team members assuming the roles of witnesses and attorneys. Membership on the nationally-sanctioned USC Upstate Mock Trial team and participation in one weekend scrimmage outside of normal class hours are required.

PLAW U302  Mock Trial Practicum II  3 Credit Hours  

Transforming the case problem introduced in the course Mock Trial Practicum I (PLAW U301) into a finalized case that is presented in a nationally-sanctioned competition against other colleges and universities. Team members must travel to and compete at a regional tournament, sanctioned by the American Mock Trial Association. Membership on the USC Upstate Mock Trial team and commitment to travel to the designated regional competition site on one weekend outside of normal class hours are required.

Prerequisite(s): PLAW U301.  
PLAW U355  Pre-Law Studies Abroad  3-6 Credit Hours  

Travel and field study in selected regions outside the United States with emphasis on legal and judicial institutions. The course may be repeated as long as location/content are different.

PLAW U495  Pre-Law Internship  3 Credit Hours  

Supervised work experience in a legal environment. A minimum of nine hours per week of work. Students are required to meet periodically with the supervising faculty member. Pass/Fail credit.