Academic Catalog

LSCM - Lgstcs Supply Chn Mgmt (LSCM)

LSCM U381  Global Strategic Supply Chain Management  3 Credit Hours  

Best practices for strategic global supply chain management, integration of global supply chain functions from raw materials to the final end user, and leveraging of global supply chain strategies for competitive advantage. Topics include designing global supply chain networks, developing and managing supply chain performance metrics, and identifying and mitigating supply chain risks.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned.  
LSCM U382  Logistics and Distribution Management  3 Credit Hours  

The role of logistics and distribution within an organization's supply chain and business strategies. Design, management, and control of logistics systems, providing insight into the key functions and complex activities required to move goods through the supply chain including transportation, inventory management, warehousing, order fulfillment, facility location, and customer service will be emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned.  
LSCM U383  Supply Chain Management Systems  3 Credit Hours  

Main types of supply chain software that support processes such as capacity planning, production management and planning, material planning, sourcing, and delivery of products. These software systems include enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, electronic data interchange, and tracking techniques.

LSCM U384  International Trade Compliance  3 Credit Hours  

Knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform international transactions from the United States, including importing, exporting, securing and optimizing international supply chains.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned.  
LSCM U385  Procurement Management  3 Credit Hours  

Principles, concepts and techniques for effective management of business procurement. Focus is on purchasing processes, supplier relationship management, negotiation and planning, and cost analysis.

Prerequisite(s): LSCM U381.  
LSCM U451  Supply Chain Analytics  3 Credit Hours  

Fundamentals of applying data analytics to logistics and supply chains. Focus is on making decisions regarding such things as forecasting, inventory management, transportation planning, supply chains and location planning.

Prerequisite(s): ECON U292 and LSCM U381.  
LSCM U455  Topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management  3 Credit Hours  

Contemporary areas of logistics and supply chain management. May be repeated with permission of advisor.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned.