Academic Catalog

IDST - Interdisciplnry Studies (IDST)

IDST U110  Community Engagement  1-3 Credit Hours  

Exploration of local-to-you social, environmental, and economic challenges with emphasis on the application of student's field of study to real-world experience and honing of career readiness skills. Expectations include 2 hours of direct involvement in public activities per credit hour. Pass/Fail.

IDST U300  Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies  3 Credit Hours  

Approaches to understanding, analyzing, and synthesizing information from varied perspectives. Emphasis is on researching, writing, and crafting sound arguments from multi-disciplinary approaches.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
IDST U301  Ethics in the Professions  3 Credit Hours  

A research seminar that investigates the laws and ethics codes of various professions, such as education, business, healthcare and data management. Each seminar participant selects one profession to track throughout the semester and reports on that field's laws, conduct requirements, legal cases and methods of conflict resolution. Evaluations are based on oral presentations, papers and participation in class discussion.

IDST U398  Interdisciplinary Studies Internship  1-6 Credit Hours  

Supervised work experience in a community agency or business based on an individualized, contracted program planned in conjunction with a faculty member and approved by the student's advisor. For six internship credit hours, a student is to work 270 hours with an approved agency; for five credit hours, 225 work hours; for four credit hours, 180 hours; for three credit hours, 135 hours; for two credit hours, 90 hours; and for one credit hour, 45 hours. A student may repeat IDST U398 once with a different internship contract description for a total of no more than six hours of undergraduate credit.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing and approved internship contract.  
IDST U399  Independent Study  1-6 Credit Hours  

An individualized, contracted research planned in conjunction with an Interdisciplinary Studies faculty member. May be repeated for a total of no more than six credit hours.

Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing, GPA above 2.0 overall, and consent of instructor.  
IDST U401  Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies  3 Credit Hours  

Survey of selected topic planned around an area of faculty interest. Course may be repeated for additional credit during the same semester and subsequent semesters as topics vary.

Prerequisite(s): IDST U300, IDST U301, or consent of instructor.  
IDST U490  Senior Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies  3 Credit Hours  

Reading and research on selected topics designed to explore issues of broad interdisciplinary interest. Particular emphasis is placed on integration of knowledge at an advanced level, exploration of ethical issues, and gain experience in research and oral presentation. Seminar topics vary.

Prerequisite(s): IDST U300, senior standing, and permission of IDS advisor.