Academic Catalog

GLST - Global Studies (GLST)

GLST U301  Global Cultures and Identities  3 Credit Hours  

Survey of global and transnational concepts, topics, events, social and political movements, and cultural patterns in selected societies. Special attention is given to themes such as feminism, sexuality, human rights, language, identity, and cross-cultural encounters and topics such as migration, war, terrorism, religion, global cinema and popular culture, global health policies, global climate change, and protest music and art.

GLST U350  Global Studies Abroad  1-6 Credit Hours  

Travel in selected regions of international and cross-cultural interest, and field study of culture and intercultural relations, with an emphasis on global literacy, globalization or transnationalism. This course may be repeated as long as location/content are different.

GLST U398  Topics in Global Studies  3 Credit Hours  

Intensive study of selected topics. This course may be taken twice if the topic is different.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL U102.  
GLST U399  Independent Study  1-3 Credit Hours  

Directed research and reading project outside the classroom of a complex and extensive nature in keeping with the student's major creative and/or scholarly interests. May be repeated with the consent of the instructor and advisor for a total of no more than 6 hours of undergraduate credit.

Prerequisite(s): GPA 2.0 overall and consent of faculty supervisor.  
GLST U499  Internship  1-3 Credit Hours  

Supervised professional experience or research outside of the classroom, involving a meaningful project or activity for the employing firm or organization and a scholarly project for the student. For each credit hour, a student is to work 45 hours with an approved agency. A contractual agreement signed by the student, the instructor of record, and other designated faculty and administrators is required. A student may repeat GLST U499 once with a different internship contract description for a total of no more than six hours of undergraduate credit.

Prerequisite(s): Junior or senior standing; a minimum of six hours in related courses numbered U300 and above; GPA 2.0 overall; and consent of the faculty supervisor and advisor.