Academic Catalog

GEOG - Geography (GEOG)

GEOG U101  The Upstate  3 Credit Hours  

Uses the landscape approach to study the 10-county area of Northwestern South Carolina. Spatial, economic, social, cultural, demographic and natural traits of the contemporary urban, suburban and rural landscapes are examined after an introduction to the landscape approach.

GEOG U103  Introduction to Geography  3 Credit Hours  

Principles and methods of geographical inquiry.

GEOG U121  Principles of Regional Geography  3 Credit Hours  

Description of the regional method and an analysis of the region forming processes. Emphasis is on the distinctive features of large areas of the world.

GEOG U201  Introduction to Physical Geography  3 Credit Hours  

The spatial significance of land forms, water bodies, and soils. Emphasis is placed on both the man-land relationship and the concept of location.

GEOG U202  Introduction to Weather and Climate  3 Credit Hours  

The interrelationship of weather elements and controls and the spatial distribution of climate and vegetation.

GEOG U212  Introduction to Economic Geography  3 Credit Hours  

Factors in location and production of commodities, commerce and manufacturing.

GEOG U340  Geography of Population, Settlement and Migration  3 Credit Hours  

Births, deaths, migration and the distribution of human populations, and the analytical methods used in the study of each of these topics.

GEOG U398  Special Topics  3 Credit Hours  

Geographic dynamics and characteristics at the local, regional or global level. May be taken twice if the topic is different.

Prerequisite(s): Any lower division geography course or consent of instructor.  
GEOG U424  Geography of North America  3 Credit Hours  

Physical and cultural geography of North America with emphasis on the United States.