Academic Catalog

EDFO - Educ - Foundations (EDFO)

EDFO U200  Teacher Education Colloquium  0 Credit Hours  

Introduction to the teacher education program policies, assessment system procedures, and professional dispositions. Required before admission to the Art, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, Learning Disability, Physical Education, and Secondary Education Programs. Pass/Fail credit.

EDFO U201  Praxis I Preparation  1 Credit Hour  

Simulated Praxis I test preparation in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Pass/Fail credit.

Prerequisite(s): For declared education majors only.  
EDFO U210  Foundations of Education  3 Credit Hours  

The art and science of teaching. A comprehensive examination of the social, historical, and philosophical influences that have shaped educational policies and practices in the USA with special emphasis on legal and ethical aspects of education.

EDFO U298  Service Learning for Teaching Fellows  1-3 Credit Hours  

Supervised clinical experience in elementary, middle, or secondary setting. Observation and reflective journal is required with a focus on instruction and classroom environment.

Prerequisite(s): Teaching Fellows only.  
EDFO U320  Social-Emotional Learning  3 Credit Hours  

Integrating the learning of social skills, self-awareness, emotional management, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills needed to succeed in and outside of school into K-12 classrooms.

EDFO U333  Educational Development of the Lifelong Learner  3 Credit Hours  

Applications of psychology of learning and motivation to patterns of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development, and their relationship to teaching of children, adolescents, and adults.

EDFO U341  Introduction to Exceptional Learners/ Special Education  3 Credit Hours  

Characteristics, assessment, and effective instructional procedures for students served under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and/or Section 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973, including the general educator's role and needs of students of varying exceptionalities.

EDFO U342  Teaching Multilingual Learners  3 Credit Hours  

Principles and strategies for developing and implementing effective instruction for emergent multilingual learners and current approaches to teaching English as an additional language. Topics include theories of first and additional language acquisition/development, translanguaging pedagogy and practices, language policies and laws, sociocultural characteristics of multilingual learners, strategies for teaching academic content to emerging multilingual learners in mainstream classrooms, creating classroom/school cultures that invite all students into learning, and the role of advocacy in linguistically diverse public schools.

EDFO U350  Diversity and Education  3 Credit Hours  

Personal and societal factors that shape educational contexts.

EDFO U397  Minor in Education Seminar  3 Credit Hours  

Includes review of the research and documentation processes. Following discussion of contemporary issues in American Education, in collaboration with and with the approval of the course instructor, students will identify an education-related topic to research. Students then conceptualize, design, write, and present their research. The topic must integrate and extend knowledge learned in other courses taken as part of the minor. Open only to students with a declared minor in education.

Prerequisite(s): 12 hours of coursework completed in the Education minor, to include EDFO U210.