Academic Catalog

ECON - Economics (ECON)

ECON U221  Principles of Macroeconomics  3 Credit Hours  

Causes and effects of changes in economic aggregates, including gross domestic product, personal income, unemployment, and inflation. The role of economics in contemporary society and the effect of monetary and fiscal policy on the functioning of a free market system are explored.

ECON U222  Principles of Microeconomics  3 Credit Hours  

Consumer demand, supply, and price in a free-market system. The economics of the firm is presented within the context of different market structures.

ECON U291  Probability and Statistics  3 Credit Hours  

Concepts of probability, probability distributions, and sampling theory.

ECON U292  Statistical Inference  3 Credit Hours  

Methods of statistical inference, including additional topics in hypothesis testing, linear statistical models, and time series analysis.

Prerequisite(s): ECON U291 or MATH U102.  
ECON U301  Money and Banking  3 Credit Hours  

History, structure, functions and operations of the American commercial and central banking system. Emphasis is placed on the influence and operations of the Federal Reserve System.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned, ECON U221, and FINA U363.  
ECON U303  International Economics  3 Credit Hours  

Survey of international economic issues and institutions, including trade and protectionism, global and regional trade agreements, trade balances and exchange rates.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned, ECON U221 and ECON U222.  
ECON U311  Issues in Economics  3 Credit Hours  

Nature and causes of major economic problems facing the nation and its communities and policy alternatives designed to solve them, including the philosophy and methodology of economics in social problem solving.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned, ECON U221 and ECON U222.  
ECON U322  Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory  3 Credit Hours  

Classical, Keynesian, and post-Keynesian models. These models provide a framework for monetary and fiscal policy prescriptions to economic problems.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned, ECON U221, and ECON U222.  
ECON U326  Managerial Economics  3 Credit Hours  

Application of the economic theory of profits, competition, demand, and costs to the analysis of problems arising in the firm and in decision making.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned; ECON U222, MATH U122, or MATH U141; and one of the following: ECON U292, or MATH U202, or equivalent.  
ECON U393  Business Analytics  3 Credit Hours  

Mathematical, statistical and computational tools to solve various real-world business problems. Emphasis is on translating business problems into mathematical ones, structuring and analyzing the data, making decisions, and communicating the results.

Prerequisite(s): ECON U292.  
ECON U455  Topics in Economics  3 Credit Hours  

Selected topics in economics. Topics vary depending on available staff and interests of students. This course may be repeated for credit.

Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours, ECON U221 and ECON U222.