Academic Catalog

CRJU - Criminal Justice (CRJU)

CRJU U101  Introduction to Criminal Justice  3 Credit Hours  

Survey of the law enforcement, judicial, correctional, and juvenile systems; interrelationships between criminal justice agencies and the community.

CRJU U210  Policing in America  3 Credit Hours  

Police organizations; the recruitment, training, and socialization of police officers; the role of police in society; and critical issues in policing. The problem of coercive power as it relates to policing is also examined.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U220  The Criminal Courts  3 Credit Hours  

The administration of criminal justice in the American federal and state court systems. The nature and concept of justice, court personnel, functions, jurisdictions, policies, procedures, discretion, and current developments in court technology and organization will be reviewed.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U230  Introduction to Corrections  3 Credit Hours  

Penology emphasizing the history, philosophy, programs, policies, and problems associated with correctional practice. Topics include probation, prisons, jails, parole, community corrections and alternative sanctions.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U272  Foundations of Crime Analysis  3 Credit Hours  

Overview of the field of crime analysis, including theoretical, methodological, and ethical foundations.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 and CRJU U210 or consent of instructor.  
CRJU U301  Crime in America  3 Credit Hours  

Contemporary issues related to manifestations of crime, offenders, victims, justice system response, and societal trends. Emphasis placed on debunking misconceptions of crime and its correlates in media and society.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U304  Career Development in Criminal Justice  3 Credit Hours  

Career fields related to criminal justice. Topics include the perspectives of professionals, challenges associated with specific careers, and the future of the field.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or consent of instructor.  
Typically Offered: Upstate Fall Offering, Upstate Spring Offering  
CRJU U311  Homeland Security  3 Credit Hours  

Causes, consequences, and prevention strategies for homeland security issues. Topics include government roles in homeland security, strategies of protecting U.S. Citizens and interests, and specific threats to homeland security such as natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U321  Criminal Law  3 Credit Hours  

Origin and development of criminal law in America along with basic elements of crime and defenses.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U325  Criminal Trial Practice  3 Credit Hours  

The criminal trial, including the rules of evidence, trial strategy, opening statements, the presentation of evidence, arguing objections, closing arguments, and a critical analysis of the entire process.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or consent of instructor.  
CRJU U330  Institutional Corrections  3 Credit Hours  

Functions, structure, procedures and philosophy of American correctional institutions; constitutional limitations and the impact of law on correctional practices.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or CRJU U230.  
CRJU U333  Community-Based Corrections  3 Credit Hours  

Development and impact of community programs, halfway houses, group homes, work-release, and educational release programs, including the role of the community and citizens in the correctional process.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or CRJU U230.  
CRJU U343  The Juvenile Justice System  3 Credit Hours  

History, philosophy, and evaluation of the juvenile court, juvenile court practices and procedures; the role of the police, correctional alternatives, prevention and intervention strategies in the juvenile justice process.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101; and either CRJU U210, CRJU U220, or CRJU U230; or consent of instructor.  
CRJU U345  Juvenile Delinquency  3 Credit Hours  

Social factors in the development, identification and treatments of delinquents and juvenile delinquency in the context of juvenile justice systems.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101 and CRJU U101.  
CRJU U350  Victimology  3 Credit Hours  

Forms of victimization, the role of victims in crimes, their treatment by the criminal justice system, their decisions to report crimes and help prosecute offenders, victim-offender mediation, and victim compensation. The national crime survey regarding patterns and trends in victimization is introduced.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U352  Sexual Misconduct  3 Credit Hours  

Examination of public forms of sexual misconduct, specifically sexual harassment and sexual assault in places of employment and education. Includes an analysis of motives, victim/perpetrator characteristics, and corporate, societal, and individual responses to sexual misconduct.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or consent of instructor.  
CRJU U361  Criminal Justice Research Methods  3 Credit Hours  

Quantitative, qualitative and comparative methods used in criminal justice research, focusing on research design, data collection and analysis, and ethical issues.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101, CRJU U210, CRJU U220 and CRJU U230.  
CRJU U362  Criminal Justice Statistics  3 Credit Hours  

Basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics as applied to topics in criminal justice, including correlation, probability, measures of central tendency and variability, hypothesis testing, and estimation. For criminal justice majors only.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 and MATH U120 or higher.  
CRJU U365  Tactical Crime Analysis  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical and practical aspects of tactical crime analysis focusing on pattern analysis and profiling.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U272.  
CRJU U366  Strategic Crime Analysis  3 Credit Hours  

Theoretical and practical aspects of strategic crime analysis focusing on long-term analytical strategies to control and/or prevent specific crime problems.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U272.  
CRJU U371  Criminological Theory  3 Credit Hours  

Analysis and critical assessments of traditional and contemporary crime and theories of criminal behavior.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101, CRJU U210, CRJU U220, and CRJU U230.  
CRJU U380  Special Populations and the Criminal Justice System  3 Credit Hours  

The experience of special populations including racial, ethnic, and other historically marginalized groups in various roles within the criminal justice system.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101; and either CRJU U210, CRJU U220, or CRJU U230.  
CRJU U381  Alcohol, Drugs & Public Policy  3 Credit Hours  

History and theories of alcohol and other drug use, types and effects of drugs, crime associated with drugs, prevention and treatment of abuse, and efforts to control and regulate drug use. Both past and present public policies for the control of licit and illicit drugs will be evaluated.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101, or PSYC U101, or SOCY U101.  
CRJU U382  Women and Crime  3 Credit Hours  

The traditional and contemporary explanations of female delinquency and criminality, the differential treatment accorded female defendants and victims, the nature of crime against women, the quality of state and federal correctional systems for women, and the status of females as criminal justice professionals.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U383  Comparative Criminal Justice System  3 Credit Hours  

International criminal justice systems, their legal foundations, current structures, and strategies of crime control.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U384  Child Sexual Exploitation  3 Credit Hours  

Child sexual abuse and commercial child sexual exploitation. Characteristics of pedophiles, child molesters, traffickers, and their methods; victim/survivor attributes and recovery; secondary victimization; the role of technology; the criminal justice system response, and legal issues are included.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101 or CRJU U101 or PSYC U101; or consent of instructor.  
CRJU U385  Violence in Society  3 Credit Hours  

Theories, causes, consequences and prevention of violent acts. Topics include trends and patterns, violent offenders, typologies of violent behavior, social construction of violence, and criminal justice response.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101; and either CRJU U210, CRJU U220, or CRJU U230.  
CRJU U386  Globalization and Crime  3 Credit Hours  

Global crime focusing on the relationship between globalization, crime, and justice which involves a diverse range of activities affecting the political, economic, and social development of countries around the world. Topics will focus on the proliferation of crime emphasizing migration, international policing, drug/human trafficking, international terrorism, environmental crime, cybercrime, and economic exploitation.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or SOCY U101.  
CRJU U390  The Death Penalty  3 Credit Hours  

Problems and issues related to capital punishment in the United States, including its history, important Supreme Court decisions, variations in jurisdictional processes (state, federal, and military), the comparative cost of incarceration and execution, miscarriages of justice in capital cases, and responses to these issues.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 or consent of instructor.  
CRJU U399  Independent Study  1-3 Credit Hours  

A planned individual study program in conjunction with a Criminal Justice faculty member. Course may be repeated once with consent of advisor.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101 and consent of instructor.  
CRJU U401  Criminal Justice Administration  3 Credit Hours  

Problems, processes, and theories of communication, decision making, and control in criminal justice agencies.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101, CRJU U210, CRJU U220, and CRJU U230.  
CRJU U402  Civil Liability in Criminal Justice  3 Credit Hours  

Liability of criminal justice practitioners, agencies, municipalities, and other criminal justice entities including types of actions, defenses, damages, injunctions and other remedies for civil wrongs as mandated by state and federal law are included.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U210, CRJU U220, and CRJU U230.  
CRJU U403  Criminal Justice Ethics  3 Credit Hours  

Ethical issues confronted by criminal justice personnel and organizations. Standards and professional responsibilities of criminal justice practitioners are examined within the context of ethical dilemmas.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101, CRJU U210, CRJU U220, and CRJU U230.  
CRJU U420  Criminal Procedure  3 Credit Hours  

Laws and constitutional safeguards that govern the process of criminal offenders from police investigation through post-conviction relief.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101.  
CRJU U468  Advanced Topics in Crime Analysis  3 Credit Hours  

Advanced practical and theoretical topics in the field of crime analysis. Specific topics may change based on prevailing current trends in the field.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U365 and CRJU U366.  
CRJU U474  Social Deviance  3 Credit Hours  

Theories, methods, and substantive issues in the creation, involvement, recognition, and control of deviance. Pertinent research data is integrated in the context of contemporary societal issues.

Prerequisite(s): SOCY U101 and CRJU U101.  
CRJU U484  Selected Current Topics  3 Credit Hours  

A seminar for advanced students. May be repeated once with the consent of the adviser.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101, CRJU U210, CRJU U220, and CRJU U230; or consent of instructor.  
CRJU U490  Criminal Justice Internship  3-6 Credit Hours  

A planned program of observation, study and work in selected criminal justice and related agencies. Meeting prerequisites does not guarantee an internship placement. A history of illegal drug use or experimentation, a criminal record, location of desired internship, inability to attend on-campus seminars, and other issues may prevent program acceptance as an intern.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U101, CRJU U210, CRJU U220 and CRJU U230; minimum of 75 earned credit hours with at least 15 of these hours from USC Upstate; minimum GPA of 2.25; and consent of instructor.  
CRJU U498  Advanced Topics in Practical Crime Analysis  3 Credit Hours  

Practical experience in the crime analysis field through a portfolio or practicum.

Prerequisite(s): CRJU U468.  
CRJU U501  Senior Seminar  3 Credit Hours  

Exploration, at an advanced level, of issues, topics and dilemmas related to crime and the criminal justice system. The specific topics covered vary depending upon the instructor.

Prerequisite(s): One statistics course, CRJU U101, CRJU U210, CRJU U220, CRJU U230, CRJU U361, and CRJU U371.