Academic Catalog

COMM - Communications (COMM)

COMM U375  Communication Research Methods  3 Credit Hours  

Fundamentals of communications research methods and applications. Topics include survey research, observational and experimental studies, primary research data-gathering techniques, secondary research sources, data analysis, message, market, competitive and audience research measures.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201, SPCH U301 or JOUR U305; or consent of instructor.  
COMM U399  Internship or Independent Study in Communication  1-3 Credit Hours  

Supervised professional experience of research outside the classroom. For three internship credit hours, a student is to work 135 hours with an approved agency; for two credit hours, 90 hours, for one credit, 45 hours. For an internship or for an independent study, a contract must be signed by the student and by the instructor of record and other designated faculty and administrators. A student may repeat COMM U399 once with a difference internship or independent study contract description for a total of no more than six hours of undergraduate credit.

Prerequisite(s): SPCH U201 and consent of faculty internship supervisor and student's academic advisor.  
COMM U490  Senior Seminar in Communications  3 Credit Hours  

Reading and research on selected topics in communication studies, mass media and/or public relations designed to integrate knowledge, to explore ethical issues, and to gain experience in research and oral presentation.

Prerequisite(s): COMM U375 and departmental permission.