Academic Catalog

BADM - Business Administration (BADM)

BADM U279  Business Professionalism  1 Credit Hour  

Executive, professional, and interpersonal skills related to being a business student and in business environments. Topics vary but may include study and information skills, verbal, non-verbal and written communication, interviewing, networking, internship/job search strategies, handling conflict, understanding organizational culture and cultural differences, and provisional techniques to enhance professional development and strengths.

Prerequisite(s): 30 credit hours earned and SPCH U201.  
Typically Offered: Upstate Fall Offering, Upstate Spring Offering  
BADM U298  Gateways to Business  3 Credit Hours  

The market driven economy and the role and functional areas of the business enterprise. Business operations and the synergies between them will be studied including accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, production, supply chain and logistics. Careers related to these operations will be discussed.

BADM U399  Independent Study  1-6 Credit Hours  
Prerequisite(s): 54 credit hours earned.  
BADM U478  Senior Seminar: Business Strategy  3 Credit Hours  

Understanding how the success of organizations relates to their "strategic level' decisions with an emphasis on risk management. Students experience hands-on application with case studies of actual businesses through team and individual exercises and individual presentations.

Prerequisite(s): Senior standing, successful completion of all 200-level business core courses with a grade of C or better (except one D is permitted), and successful completion of all 300-level business core courses with a grade of C or better, excluding the course in international business as defined by the concentration.  
Pre/Corequisite(s): Course in international business as defined by the concentration.  
BADM U498  Major Field Test in Business  1 Credit Hour  

Review for and take the ETS Major Field Test (MFT) for the Bachelor's Degree in Business. The tests topic areas are accounting, economics, management, quantitative business analysis, information systems, finance, marketing, legal and social environment, and international issues. Pass/Fail credit.

Pre/Corequisite(s): BADM U478.  
BADM U499  Business Internship  1-6 Credit Hours  

Supervised work experience in the business environment resulting in a meaningful product for the employing firm and a scholarly project for the student. A minimum of 42 hours of scheduled work per one hour of academic credit, periodic class meetings, and individual consultation with the instructor is required. A contractual agreement signed by the employer, the student, the instructor, and associate dean is mandatory. Pass/Fail credit.

Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Johnson College of Business and Economics professional program.