Academic Catalog

ARTE - Art Education (ARTE)

ARTE U330  Foundations of Art Education  3 Credit Hours  

Introduction to art education as a profession through theories, historical references and philosophies. Current initiatives in the field will be reviewed through educational research.

Prerequisite(s): Grade of C in ARTS U103 and ARTS U110.  
ARTE U399  Independent Study  1-6 Credit Hours  

Opportunities to design and develop projects of a complex and extensive nature in keeping with the student’s major creative interests. A student may repeat ARTE U399 with a different study description for a total of no more than six hours of undergraduate credit.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or consent of instructor.  
ARTE U429  Elementary and Middle School Methods for Art Education  3 Credit Hours  

Instructional strategies to construct appropriate curriculum for K-8 schools. The topics are artistic growth of children, responding to art works, studio production and classroom management. A portion of the course includes a 30 hour practicum component.

Prerequisite(s): ARTE U330 and admission to professional program.  
ARTE U430  Secondary Methods for Art Education  3 Credit Hours  

Curriculum designs for secondary visual arts classroom. The development of instructional skills for various student populations is included in the course of study as well as research and current initiatives. The course includes a 30 hour practicum component in the schools.

Prerequisite(s): ARTE U429 and admission to professional program.  
ARTE U450  School Art Program  3 Credit Hours  

Developing and working with essential components of visual arts programs in the schools, including the national and state standards with assessment methodology. Also a supervised clinical experience in the school art classrooms of 40 hours provides strategies to teach art in grades K-12. Observation and participation in classroom settings is required to focus on classroom management and conflict resolution.

Prerequisite(s): ARTE U429 and admission to professional program in art education.  
ARTE U459  Art Education Senior Seminar  3 Credit Hours  

Capstone experience intended to provide an opportunity for teacher candidates to pull together and reflect upon what was learned. Major capstone project required.

Prerequisite(s): Admission to professional program and approved application to directed teaching.  
Corequisite(s): ARTE U460.  
ARTE U460  Directed Teaching in Art Education  12 Credit Hours  

A supervised clinical experience consisting of 14 weeks in school setting, normally with 50% in elementary level and the remaining 50% in the middle or secondary settings. Candidates participate in regular seminars where they (1) analyze problems relating to their K-12 experiences; (2) explore ethical and legal issues related to teaching; (3) consider current issues and trends in K-12 education; and (4) complete their professional portfolios. Pass/Fail.

Prerequisite(s): Approved application of directed teaching.  
Corequisite(s): ARTE U459.