Academic Catalog

Student Conduct Regulations

The University of South Carolina Upstate is an academic community preserved through the mutual respect and trust of the individuals who learn, teach and work within it. Inherent in the Code of Student Conduct is the belief in each individual’s honesty, self-discipline and sense of responsibility.

Code of Academic Integrity

It shall be the responsibility of every student at USC Upstate to obey and to support the enforcement of the Academic Integrity Code, which prohibits lying, cheating or stealing. For details of the honor code, procedures for handling complaints, and penalties for violations, consult the USC Upstate Student Handbook.

Code of Student Behavior

It is also the responsibility of every student at USC Upstate to abide by the Code of Student Behavior, to conduct oneself so as not to impair significantly the welfare or the educational opportunities of others in the university community. All non-academic conduct that infringes upon the rights and welfare of others is thus embodied in the Campus Disciplinary Code. Violations are handled in the same manner as violations of the Academic Integrity Code. Consult the USC Upstate Student Handbook for details.